Short Stories

Decoherence is a Lady,” Daily Science Fiction, January 25th 2021.

Can’t Bear the Ego,” The Arcanist, July 9th 2021.

“A Generation of Darkness,Orion’s Belt, August 7th 2021.


“Time Traveler’s Techniques,” Star*Line, Issue 44.1.

The Risk of Embarking,” The Future Fire, Issue 2021.56.

“Lessons from Mother,” Climbing Lightly Through Forests, Aqueduct Press, January 2021.

“So You Want to Fly,” From Farther Trees, Issue 4, February 2021.

“The Heartwood and Not the Bark,” Wizards in Space Literary Magazine, Issue 6, Spring 2021

“A Courtship of Flame,” Polar Starlight, March 2021, page 8.

“Another, Enough,” Polar Starlight, March 2021, page 18.

“No Bad Publicity,” Star*Line, Spring 2021, Issue 44.2.

“Internal Microclimates,” Polar Borealis, Issue 18, May 2021, pg. 41.

The Worm that Consumes,” The Common Tongue Magazine, Issue 2, April 2021.

Careless Harms, Thoughtless Constructions,” Liminality, Issue 28, Summer 2021.

Resignation Syndrome,” Truancy, Issue 9, July 2021.

What is Enough,” Terse, September 13th 2021.

“Sword of Dreams, Shield of Time,” Polu Texni, forthcoming.

“Leave the Myths, Leave Home,” Penumbric, forthcoming.

“Sharp Gaze,” Star*Line, forthcoming.

“Invisible Tornadoes,” Asimov’s Magazine, forthcoming.

“The Magic of Unions,” Polar Starlight, forthcoming.

“Ruminations on Autonomy,” Polar Borealis, forthcoming.

“Re-Read,” Kaleidotrope, forthcoming.


Short Stories

The Forest is a Dancer,” The Centropic Oracle, September 18th 2020.

Accursed,” Nobilis Erotica Podcast, July 2020.


Stone Cold,” Truancy, Issue 7, January 2020.

Rose Glasses over Mercury Mirrors,” The Mithila Review, March/April 2020.

Star-Fighter,” Polar Borealis, Issue 14, April 2020

What is Grown,” Dreams and Nightmares, Issue 115, May 2020.

The Phoenix,” Star*Line 43.2, Spring 2020.

“The Liminality of Dreams,” Essay for HWA’s Blood & Spades August 2020.

Siren’s Song,” Microverses, September 2nd 2020.

A Refuge of Tales, Renaissance Press, September 30th 2020.

“Star Fighter” (Reprint), Stellar Evolutions, October 31st 2020

The Land Above the Clouds,” Polar Borealis, Issue 16, Fall 2020, pg. 29.

“Vast, Uncountable Things,” in New Myths’ Twilight Worlds, December 2020



Thunderous,” Polar Borealis, Issue 12, December 2019.

Potions Homework,” Sycorax Press, Issue 4, November 2019

Call to Action – In Translation,” Arsenika, Issue 4, Summer 2019

All The Unwritten,” LiteLitOne, Twenty Nineteen #2, September 2019.

Work,” LiteLitOne, Twenty Nineteen #2, September 2019.

Kussaz,” LiteLitOne, Twenty Nineteen #2, September 2019.

Beauty, Sleeping,” Augur Magazine, Issue 2.2, August 2019.

“Draconic,” HeforShe Anthology, University of Waterloo.

Landscapes,” Wild Musette, Frog Porridge.

“Becoming Real,” Lean In, Polar Expressions Publishing.

Willowisp,” Star*Line, 42.1 (Winter 2019).

Sent by the Wisewoman” Kit Sora Flash Photography Contest Winner, January 2019.



Pointed Needs,” Plenitude, December 26th 2018

Prayer from a Girl Floating in an Hourglass,” Truancy 5, December 26th 2018.

Eruptions,” Reckoning 3, December 2018

Bedtime,” Darkling’s Beasts and Brews, Lycan Valley Press, December 2018.

Basal Ganglia,” Strange Horizons, November 12th 2018.

Tasting,” Twisted Moon Magazine, Issue 4, September 2018.

Particularities,” Dreams and Nightmares,  Issue 110, September 2018.

Virtuality,” Apparition Literature Magazine, Visions, July 2018.

Stitch Witch,” Polar Borealis, Issue 6, April 2018.

Vines,” Wild Musette, Medusa at the Morgue, March 2018.



“Apologies from the Moon,” Wild Musette, The Sin Eater, October 2017

Meat Puppets,” Polar Borealis, Issue 4, July 2017