Dear friend,

Time continues to wibble and wobble as we all somehow progress through this utter disaster of a year. Like everything else, that includes my writing. Somehow I both continue to write and publish and have had some really incredible developments which I feel deeply weird about because of *gestures* everything.

Rather than go in chronological order, we’re going to go in order of importance today, so its my absolute pleasure to announce that my first poetry collection A Refuge of Tales is coming out from Renaissance Press on September 30th 2020, only a few weeks away! This collection has been a labor of love for me for the past three years, and some of the poems in it date back to as early as 2013.

Here is what people are saying about the collection:

“Filled with irony, rage, humour, and compassion, this poetry collection takes our fairy tales and fables, and all the stories we tell ourselves, and doesn’t simply deconstruct them, but blasts them into tiny shards, razor-sharp and beautiful.”

Su J Sokol, author of the Sunburst-nominated novel, Cycling to Asylum

“Lynne Sargent is a modern day Persephone, plumbing the depths of womanhood. Sargent excavates rage in feminist poetry that draws on the imagery of myth and fairy tale in novel and startling ways. She’s an expert at that last surprising line that turns the whole thing on its head and makes us see the story through a new lens.”

Ursula Pflug, author of Seeds and Other Stories

You can also find a trailer for the book here.

And here is the list of places you can order it from! Or if you have your heart set on a signed copy, you can slide into my Twitter DMs (@SamLynneS) or send a message using my contact page and we’ll figure out a way to get you one.

Renaissance (ebook):

Renaissance (paperback):

Amazon (CA):

Apple books:

Barnes and Noble:


In addition to my first published book (!!!) I also had my first short story and first essay come out.

The short story “Accursed” is a fabulist erotic piece about learning to advocate for your orgasm, and is out from Nobilis Erotica in audio format.

My first essay “The Liminality of Dreams,” was in the Horror Writers Association’s Blood and Spades August 2020 newsletter.

Finally, I’ve had two more poems come out since my last missive:

The Phoenixcan be found in Starline’s Spring 2020 issue, and “Siren’s Song” can be found in Microverses.

Look forward to more of my work, both poetry and short stories, in the coming months. I hope it is a balm to you in these complicated times.