Wow, the world is a whole lot of a different place than it was last year. If you’d told me at this time last year that I would a) publish my first ever short story b) publish my first ever poetry collection and c) be living through a global pandemic, not to mention all the other life changes I’ve been through this year I would tell you to go home, you’re drunk.

Nonetheless, this is where we are, and the world continues to move on. That means that we are looking forward to the 2021 Awards Season (cue endless screaming). As such, I present to you a list of my selected works this year that you could read and/or nominate for awards if they spark something in you!

Short Story

Holy shit! I finally published my first short story! Well, actually my first two short stories, but the one that I think is more likely to be appealing to folks for awards is THE FOREST IS A DANCER which came out from The Centropic Oracle. It’s available in text and audio format and imagines what it would be like to be the B.C. temperate rainforest living through our current ecological disasters. If you like lyrical prose, dance, or mushrooms, this one is for you.

Poetry Collection

Double holy shit! I published my first poetry collection! A REFUGE OF TALES is a collection of mostly-original poetry (only about 10% of the poems in it are reprints) out from Renaissance Press. You can buy an e-book version here for $3.99 CAD, or if you’d like a review copy feel free to reach out to me at my contact form or on Twitter and I’ll find a way to hook you up with one. Here’s a blurb from the collection and what some readers have thought about it:

“What does it mean to make a home inside a story? Stories are safe, comfortable, familiar. Fairytales and myths, these stories we all know and grew up with are even moreso. A Refuge of Tales takes everyday tropes and asks: safe for who? This is a collection of poems for anyone who has ever felt outside of the myth. With language both sharp and lyrical, Lynne Sargent weaves a treatise on the power of stories, and how those who have been left behind can take up that power and use it to build a new, better world.”

“Lynne Sargent is a modern day Persephone, plumbing the depths of womanhood. Sargent excavates rage in feminist poetry that draws on the imagery of myth and fairy tale in novel and startling ways. She’s an expert at that last surprising line that turns the whole thing on its head and makes us see the story through a new lens.”

Ursula Pflug, author of Seeds and Other Stories


In addition to many of the poems in A REFUGE OF TALES, I had a number of poems come out this year. I’m going to suggest two of them for you here, but you can always visit my full bibliography if you’re interested in further reading!

First, ROSE GLASSES OVER MERCURY MIRRORS came out in The Mithila Review. This poem is a take on the evil queen from Snow White and asks what it means to be seen, and what sort of kindness and healing being seen can offer, and what kind of harm it can do when you aren’t seen by your romantic partner.

Second, STAR-FIGHTER came out from Polar Borealis, and you can find it on page 18 of the link. It has also already been reprinted in STELLAR EVOLUTIONS, an anthology of selected work from Polar Borealis issues. Editor Rhea Rose called it “a warrior’s poem.” It’s a poem about feeling too much, and what to do with all that feeling. Plus, there’s some glorious space knight imagery for your reading pleasure.

Thank you so much to everyone who has read, published, and otherwise supported my work this year, in past years, or in years to come. It means the world to me.

Lots of love,

Lynne xo